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It’s FREE STUFF TIME!!!!! We’re Celebrating the upcoming Christmas Holiday with our “12 Days of Christmas” Gift Giveaway! Check in every day…take a guess…and be entered into the daily draw (Prizes valued between $25 – $100) …All participants will be entered into the draw for the Grand Prize valued at $1500…on Day 12…


  • Enter by commenting on our daily 12 days of Christmas posts. Your comment for that day will enter you in for a chance to win the daily draw as well as the grand prize which will be on the 12th day, so if you comment every day you will have 12 entries for the grand prize.
  • We will post on 3 Facebook pages – 1000 Islands RV Centre1000 Islands Cargo Trailers & RV Rentals and Happy Green Acres 
  • The daily maximum for each person is 3 comments (1 comment or answer per page)
  • And remember…you can WIN more than Once! (Daily Draw Winners will be drawn at random and announced the by 12:00pm…the following day.)
  • FYI: Saturday & Sunday’s Winners will be announced on Monday!
  • Likes and shares are a bonus

Check this page daily to see the randomly selected winners, and to see what the prize of the day is, click on the image below (released daily)

Day 1 Winner:  Jim Loyyd

Day 5

Day 9

Day 2 Winner:  Lisa Kent Axworthy

Day 6

Day 10

Day 3 Winner: Paul Labelle

Day 7

Day 11

Day 4 Winner: Rick Parent

Day 8

Day 12


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